wiCover deliver world-class digital insurance customer experiences
to insurance companies to meet the technology
expectations of the modern consumer.

Our technology is agile and flexible and designed for enabling digital self-service capabilities for sales and service. We are InsurTech for insurance companies to enable digital customer engagement. We are UX experts that drive users to engage, build trust with insurance companies and create modern digital experiences.
Customers have grown accustomed to digital services in their everyday lives and we provide the tools to enable you to meet that expectation. We will enable you to deliver digital services for sales and service with powerful technology that brings you into the digital age. By providing an exceptional customer experience through every interaction – we create the focus on your customer as the key success in your business. The better the customer’s experience, the more likely you are to retain, grow and build lifetime, profitable relationships with them.

Customer engagement specialists

We are front-end insurance customer engagement specialists that re-design your customer journeys, and then build and manage the technology that enabled the customer experience to come to life.

Technology specialists

Technology is an enabler to service your customers needs in the digital age and will provide the framework to continually develop the customer experience.

Stand out in the crowd

We ensure you are able to differentiate your brand and insurance products in the market in the minds of your customer.

wiCover has a team dedicated to building out your new customer journeys, bringing them to life in design and then executing on them with powerful technology to enable your digital future. Our expertise lies in bringing technology solutions experts together to deliver leading edge digital solutions for innovative insurers where we partner to create seamless digital insurance experiences.

We lead the journey out with a Business Analyst and Project Manager for documentation, then into wireframe blueprints of the customer journeys from our Chief Experience Officer. We ensure everyone is on the same page before we start the design, development and customisation of the technology to ensure we provide speed to market and continual delivery of digital solutions.
WiCover Team

wiCover is an InsurTech solutions provider focused on building digital platforms, for innovative insurance businesses, that create powerful customer experiences while delivering cutting edge technology. We meet international standards on data protection, encryption and cloud services that are infinitely scalable and highly secure.


Our business is built on combining great technology and empathy, for the customer, to create simple user journeys and innovative digital experiences. We value your client’s data security and privacy as highly as we value our own reputation, and we take our responsibility very seriously in providing high levels of protection on all our platforms.

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